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NEW BOOK FROM Angie Stumbo


Personally Encounter God as Your Good Father

A Look Beneath the Surface of the Our Father Prayer of Jesus

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"Angela Stumbo came into my life as the softest wrecking ball I never saw coming. Angela was, and is, hungry for digging deeper into the true character of God, and it’s contagious. She challenged me to seek God without everything I thought I already knew; to seek God without my previous church experiences and shame from past choices; to seek God without every sermon I ever heard and without outside influences interpreting for me. She challenged me to stop. Erase. And pursue. My relationship with God hasn't been the same since. I know Him so very personally now. "

Angela Diffee

Community Volunteer

"Learning from Angela has brought great depth and perspective to my relationship with Jesus. She has brought scripture to life through her ability to share meaningful perspectives on God’s love for me. Thank you, Angela, for modeling how to label the lies and speak Truth into situations. I have learned, with your help, to love myself more in the last five years—how to push my shame aside and let God’s grace pour over me."

Colleen Taber

Kern County Farm Bureau Administrator


  • Pray risky prayers that lean hard on the promises of Heaven.
  • Delight in Jesus’s forgiveness and provision.
  • Encounter God as your Good Father.

Angie lives to share the Father’s heart. She is a wife, mom, grammy, author, and lifelong explorer of God’s Word. She believes God is a Good Father who is joyfully involved in his people’s lives. Her delight is to inspire others to encounter his love in ways that heal shame and release joy into their everyday lives. Angie believes that God’s love is a strong foundation, and on it can rise cathedrals built of long talks, rowdy laughter, and excellent coffee.

Angie and her husband Scott, an HVAC contractor, are the parents of two adult children and grandparents to three, and they reside in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Angie believes deep conversation and guacamole have the power to heal the world.

2 Steps to Encounter God as your Good Father

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