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It’s official—it’s a…

Encounter the immeasurable love and kindness of God through the tough times

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"It's Official – It’s a Miracle is the vulnerable account of a woman who experienced years of agonising struggle — whilst barely clinging to life and the promises of her Father. In other words, Annette has walked the talk! This raw story of suffering and overcoming will inspire you to dare to believe beyond all limitations and impossibilities, despite the prognosticators, and regardless of circumstances. A devoted wife and loving grandmother, Annette demonstrates empathy and understanding for those buffeting storms of disappointment and loss. She has a passion to encourage others to trust God wholeheartedly, even when darkness and loneliness are suffocating hope. Her love for God and advocacy of His faithfulness is evident through all her interactions, including speaking engagements, mentoring and friendships. After being with Annette, you feel seen and inspired to anchor your faith in the heart of Jesus."

Mrs Amanda Butel

Resilience & Wellbeing Educator

"Annette’s story is captivating and life transforming! When originally hearing about Annette’s healing nine years ago, I was very curious and sceptical. As an unbeliever, it left me wondering about the Christian faith and I wanted to know more about this God who heals. Fast forward to now, and my husband and I have been serving in Africa as missionaries for the last five years, where we see miracles like this on a regular basis. Annette’s healing was a catalyst for us to learn about the goodness and radical love of Jesus. Through her story, we came to our own realisation that God is in fact real, and He is most certainly alive today!"

Jessica & James Brewer

Iris Global

"Annette’s story and journey of healing in 'It's Official-It's a Miracle' is nothing short of glorious and powerful. In it she writes, “My walk through the valley lasted a considerable amount of time, and life kept rolling on for everyone else. I was a bystander to life’s ongoing procession.” So many of us can relate to that one statement alone but the entirety of this book carries deep vulnerable personal reflection, stories and thoughts grounded in God’s everlasting promise of healing even while living through painful suffering. Throughout her story you will see the gentle, graceful, thoughtful, precision of Craftsman Jesus, lacing, sowing and draping every detailed, complicated piece of Annette’s medical, emotional and spiritual life, bringing it all together to reveal His beautiful masterpiece of glory and healing. You will not only be blessed by Annette’s testimony, but you will also experience the healing hand of God for yourself as you dive into the message of this book. Same God back then for her, same God for you right now!"

Sharon Abraham

Founder & Leader
The Upper Room Experience, UAE

Where is God when we can’t see Him, hear Him, or feel Him?
  • Why do bad things happen to good people?
  • Is it true that He never leaves us?
  • Should Christians suffer with depression?
  • Does God still perform miracles?

Annette is a Spiritual Mentor, Life Coach and Public Speaker who loves to inspire and give hope to those who are yearning to be set free. In her autobiography, Annette shares her personal experience with debilitating health issues. She shares the darkness of depression and the agony of chronic illness, while shining a light on the infinite possibilities of our Heavenly Father and how tough times are not the end, but in fact the beginning of a glorious life of strength and joy! Through her story Annette shares her gut-wrenching lows and her tremendous highs… and an incredible encounter with God that sees her healed and transformed!

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