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I Wonder If You Know Him

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"Reading this book is like standing in front of a hydrant to drink in truth after truth. But if that sounds too intense, Bev invites you to take one gulp at a time through her short devotionals, savouring Jesus’ true beauty and worth. I’ve read countless books about Jesus, but the best ones don’t just renew your thinking. They move your heart to worship, and they bring you to Jesus. This book will do just that. I can vouch for the author. Some might think I’m biased in endorsing my mom’s book, but I would argue it adds weight to the gift she offers in these pages. You don’t know my mom like I do, but I can tell you that the truest thing about her is Jesus. I have watched as she’s wrestled with and leaned into many of the truths in these pages. She has made Jesus her supreme reward, her compass in life, her anchor in the storm, and her dearest friend and example in life. It is with great pride that I encourage you to sit with my mom and let this book ask you the question “I wonder if you know Him?” "

Benj Gillen

Teaches language and culture at University in Southeast Asia

"You might ask how anyone could improve on or add to the crescendo of Dr. S. M. Lockridge’s sermon, “That’s My King.” It has passed into the ‘hall of fame’ of inspirational speeches of the 20th century. And yet this is exactly what my dear friend and co-worker of many years, Bev Hassall, has done in this book. Bev has a wonderful way of befriending people, all kinds of people, from the dockyard streets of Malta to the bush of The Gambia, from the steel towns of Yorkshire to the sedate suburbs of Canada. If you have ever met Bev, you will never forget her. With a mixture of down-to-earth Yorkshire charm and overflowing Christian love, Bev gets alongside you and into your heart. John Wesley spoke of his heart being “strangely warmed,” and that is what this book will do for you. Your heart will be warmed by Jesus."

David Flanders

Senior Pastor of Souls Harbour Church Camelford

"That’s My King is written by a non-theologian, yet it is full of down-to-earth, theological insights. It is an extended, passionate glance at the multi-faceted diamond, Jesus. It is a kind of Lectio Divina on the unsurpassable Jesus—the focal point for saints of all ages. The entire book is a Christ-extolling masterpiece that edifies the inner man. May this book fan the flame of love in the hearts of Christians everywhere so that they will become divine arsonists, spreading this fire in the hearts of thousands for whom Jesus is yet a stranger."

Joe Acquilina

Maltese Hymnwriter,
Passionate pursuer of unity among Christian believers in Malta

  • Experience more of the myriad qualities of Jesus’ character and calling.
  • Draw closer to Jesus through this tender-hearted devotional.
  • Dip into refreshingly real-life stories of ordinary people, just like you, who encountered God in their everyday struggles.

Bev has always felt a strong call to overseas missions, and in her late twenties, she moved to Malta, pioneered a church, and fell in love with the Maltese island and its people. There was no time for writing books then—she was too busy learning the language, bringing up two gorgeous kids, and throwing herself into full-time ministry of every kind! In addition to many years of ministry in Malta, Bev has also served in West Africa and Spain. Bev has led a fascinating and varied life. Still, she would very soon persuade you that the most incredible adventure of all has been the journey she began so many years ago, walking with her Saviour Jesus. These days, Bev lives and writes in the UK where she and her husband Mike make their home.

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