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Finding self acceptance and real freedom.

A PROPHETIC call to the Body of Christ to return to KINGDOM principles.

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"Waves of impartation flooded over me as I read Loved. I found fresh faith to believe as a child and shamelessly walk in my personal identity. God's voice became louder and I began to intimately hear Him speak to me through dreams and His still small voice. You are invited to join Chara on her journey into the engulfing love of God and find Him championing the child He uniquely created you to be."

Kevin Wells

MEd/ Editor/Pastor

Chara writes with a candid simplicity that draws the reader into her story. The child-like joy in her words is palpable, and the spiritual insights she shares from within her journey are both insightful and inspiring.

Richard Jones

Fatherheart Ministries

"Wow! I was captivated and couldn’t put the story down. Chara has such a beautiful way of drawing us into her life and into the heart of God. I especially loved how she shared her deepest thoughts and feelings, always enveloped by the love of Jesus, Father and Holy Spirit. It touched my heart deeply and I was moved to tears. It felt so good to read this and to feel the Father's Love come through her words and bring me comfort. Chara has a way of connecting her heart to His and yet it connects to mine as well. Thank you, Chara, for sharing your vulnerability and for giving us a glimpse into your life and your sweet relationship with the trinity. I have been deeply touched"

Debbie Christiansen

Encounter God’s supernatural love & experience REAL FREEDOM to be who God created you to be:

  • Break the power of self-condemnation.
  • Be free to live as you are & not how you think you should be.
  • Discover keys for letting God lead you through tragedy with hope & wonder.
  • Be swept away with the heartwarming freedom of living as a beloved child.

A wife and mom of 2 wonderful children as well as a new grandchild, Chara is a passionate about living life freely and loves to encourage those around her. She delights in living spontaneously and has traveled extensively, with a heart for Europe, Africa and the middle east. As a principal and teacher, she enjoyed pioneering a private Christian school for 11 years.
Chara loves to connect with others and help them find confidence and freedom to live in the midst of love and acceptance. You might also find her sanding wood for her next wood project, hosting travellers, or cooking creatively for her husband and friends.

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