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NEW BOOK FROM Connie Harper
Free the Bride

Get unshackled from lack & religion so you can reach the harvest

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"My faith went to a new level reading this book! Connie Harper has written from her own, deep personal understanding of freeing the Bride of Christ to be all we are meant to be. Loaded with faith building truths, Free the Bride contains a message that God's people need to hear today! You'll be moved to hear how God spoken to Connie and filled her with revelation for the Bride. Get ready to experience freedom from debt, lack, and fears. You're going to love this book!"

Dr Brian Simmons

Lead Translator of The Passion Translation

"‘Free the Bride’ is a very powerful and pertinent message for this hour. This book is uniquely empowered as Connie Harper has prayed, interceded, believed, sown, and literally carried this freedom truth in her heart and life for over 20 years. Therefore, this book is literally a ‘living epistle’ for this End Time Hour. It’s Kingdom Time and finally time to ‘Free the Bride’!!!"

Dr. Jerry Howell

Pastor – Destiny World Healing Outreach

"Jesus said, ‘You will know the truth, and the truth will set you free!’ (John 8:32). Free the Bride is a blueprint and a plan of action to freedom, both spiritually and financially. Connie Harper writes with clarity and authority on both of these subjects. She is a seasoned warrior who knows what it takes to live a life of freedom. Over the years, Connie and I have fought numerous battles together in prayer and intercession. Not only is Connie an experienced soldier of prayer, but first and foremost, she is a lover of God. This book was born out of a heart of love…His love for us. Connie writes clearly, simply, and passionately about overcoming spiritual and financial pitfalls. Her prayers and faith declarations are powerful tools to keep you on track with your course of action. Connie also reveals kingdom principles to get out of debt and then live debt free. She includes real-life stories and shares some pitfalls to avoid. Occasionally, you run across a book that tells a life story in a very unique way. And sometimes you realize the story is very much like yours. Maybe the names and places change, but the story is still the same. This is why Connie’s book will touch your heart in a very relational way. It is her journey to freedom. I would highly recommend Connie’s book to anyone looking for genuine answers to life’s hardest questions.”"

Vickie Cleveland

Author – An Invitation Into His Presence

"When I think of Connie I remember her strength in faith and prayer. We were connected in the 80’s as we ministered together with the youth. What a blessing this lady is and has been. Being intimate with the Lord has always been her goal. She loves to pray and believe for God’s will on earth as in Heaven. When Adam went to sleep he woke up with a wife. When our savior Jesus went to sleep He woke up with a bride. Enjoy the book and the time you spend with Jesus! He loves His bride."

James & Jan Keller

Pastors – UpperRoom RGV

"Connie Harper and I have been intercessors together for many years, and as long as I have known her she has been an extreme seeker of His heart. She desires to see all free as the bride of Christ and living with all the intimacy available to us. This book shows you how."

Carol LaVigne Gostelow

"Connie Harper and I attended the same church for about 20 years. I support her book and applaud the simplicity of her personal revelations with her Lord. These personal encounters encourage us as a believer to receive our redemptive authority in Christ Jesus. Thank you, Connie, for making it so easy to understand Our Kingdom Benefits because of His love for us."

Gwen Wren
  • You’ll be stirred to a deeper and more intimate walk with the Lord.
  • You’ll be challenged and inspired into new levels of giving.
  • The weights and chains that have held you bound will lift.
  • You’ll be released into a new freedom in your finances and invited and encouraged into a Kingdom adventure of radical generosity.

Connie Harper lives in the Dallas, Texas, area and has two children, six grandchildren, and one great-grandchild. Connie is a passionate heart seeker and worshiper of the Lord Jesus. She is a seasoned intercessor with Destiny World Healing Outreach and longs to see the Body and Bride of Christ reflecting and living out the fullness of who they are in Christ. Through her passion for knowing Jesus more deeply and intimately, she expresses His heart through her writing and blogging, drawing others into a greater hunger and more intimate and personal relationship with her Beloved.

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