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NEW BOOK FROM Genavieve Gilbert

Partnering with God & Releasing Heaven on Earth

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“In this beautifully written book, Genavieve Gilbert invites us all to walk in the steps of an Artist—not an earthly artist, but The Creator, Partner, Father, and Friend. Surely it's one of life's great tragedies that many of us never get to fulfill our potential or even realize the great possibilities born within us, but in her book, We Are The Maker's, Genavieve leads us through her own walk with the Father and key passages of scripture to help us see the amazing, prophetic, and creative destiny the Father has prepared for us all. Read this book slowly, take notes…pray often, and let The Great Artist unfold His beautiful, creative, Heaven-sent destiny for your life.”

Fergus Scarfe

GOD TV Regional Director

“Do you believe you can really know God as the Great Creator? Gilbert pulls you into her story of hearing God as her Great Creator and unashamedly helps you discover a journey of creating with God speaking to the innermost parts of your creative soul. She takes you through the process of creating, dispelling each lie and building your unique creative process on truths right from God’s heart to yours. This book will encourage and inspire your own creative pathway in beautiful new ways.”

Sara Thurman

EdD, author of Small Beginnings: A Journey to the Impossible and The Companion Prayer Journal

“The words of We Are The Maker's are as fluid as the brush strokes of Genavieve Gilbert's magnificent works of art. You will not be disappointed as you learn to partner with God's creative process and let your imagination realm be illuminated with God's light. You will be challenged and encouraged through every chapter as you partner with the Creator of the Universe and step into new realms of creativity and glory!”

Stacey Harris

Ministry Development Pastor, Bethel Austin, and President of Leadership Resources

“Gilbert’s book We Are The Maker's is the story of creativity from the view of creatively partnering with the Creator. Gilbert weaves vulnerable personal narrative into reflections on universal truths, passages from scripture, and an unshakeable conviction that, yes, you and I are also invited to step fully and bravely into our creative destinies.”

Josie Lewis

Artist, Author, Influencer

“What Genavieve so generously gives us in her book is rich fruit from a vineyard that she and Jesus have cultivated together. It outlines with clarity the creative process from Genesis to Revelation and makes clear the invitation of God to His people to take what is unseen and make it seen. This book in an invitation to learn how to do just that.”

Rhodalynn Jetton

Founder & Director, Wholehearted & Courageous

“I have not only had the privilege of reading about the revelation and truths that Genavieve has poured into these pages, but I have had the beautiful experience of learning first hand from her about creativity and how we can partner with God as co-creators. Her kindness, compassion, and joy are central to who she is, and she creates an atmosphere of freedom as she leads creatives into a deeper understanding of their identity. I know this book will bless you as much as it did me as you discover all over again the beauty and wonder of our God.”

Renée Evans

Senior Leader, Bethel Austin

“This beautifully written book will take you on an exploration of wonder into the creativity of God. Genavieve brings the story of creation alive and invites you to realize each of us were made in the image of a masterful artist. Creativity is in your DNA. Each chapter will inspire and awaken you to become who you were made to be, give you the tools to walk out your journey, and encourage you to jump into creating your own story with Almighty God, knowing that He is interested, even passionate, about being a part of your life. Through each and every messy turn, He wants to make it all beautiful as you co-create with Him. How mysterious and wonderful! Let the words on these pages cause your heart to come alive as you discover the One who knows everything about you.”

Elisabeth Darnell

Senior Leader, Bethel Austin

In We Are The Maker’s, you will:
  • Dive into God’s creative process in the pages of Genesis
  • Be revived in spirit with fresh new ways to connect with your Creator
  • Receive permission to be creative—it’s your birthright!
  • See that the Creator in Genesis is also the Bridegroom in Song of Songs and connect to His passionate heart of love for you!
  • Gain clarity about your unique path in God and confidence to run your race with renewed endurance!

Genavieve Gilbert is an artist, author, and teacher currently living in Greenville, SC. Inspired by the Creator and His glorious creation, she paints, writes, and teaches from the overflow of her relationship with Him. In all things, she seeks to facilitate connections between the Creator and His children so that Jesus gets His full reward. She is a wife and mother of two amazing image bearers. Her art has been collected by many across America and internationally and carries an anointing of peace and presence. This is her first full-length published book.

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