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Find What You Are Really Looking For In The Heart Of God

Your Creator, who loves you dearly, has been waiting for you to notice how close He really is.

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'I want to go home' is a book full of encouragement. Beautifully and sensitively written it draws the reader from things of this life to one of hope, a future home, where all are welcomed in. Using personal story, Janene weaves practical advice with simple, biblical teaching. Her words matter and they point us in the right direction. It is a book well worth reading.

Annie Hilton

Co-Founder Freeset

Through her personal stories and intimate fellowship with God, Janene lights the path to the Father showcasing the deep natural human desire of relationship with Him. She does this with such beauty and simplicity. I believe this book, ‘I Want to Go Home,’ will help others to see the true love of the Father and His intended desire for us to be one with Him in His forever home.

Kylee Schick

Pursuer of Jesus

Discover your TRUE HOME in the Lord.

  • Learn about the many homes available to you and the one you were particularly made for
  • Learn about the one who created you and what He created you to be
  • Learn how much you are loved and how significant you are
  • Learn how to build a deep and meaningful relationship with your Father in Heaven
  • Learn about Gods great restoration project and what that means for you

Janene Forlong is an author, speaker and worship leader. She has had diverse work experience over the years, from different media roles in print and television to working as a worship pastor in a couple of churches. She is very passionate about worship and Gods restoration work especially when we are in His presence. Janene self-published her first book,’ Where Fear Rules’ in 2016 and since then she has been facilitating workshops for small groups with a heart to see many people set free from debilitating fear.  Janene and her husband Michael Forlong have served as pastors and leaders in three churches for most of their married life. They have two adult children who are also very talented musicians. In the down times you will find Janene at her piano writing songs, tending to her rose bushes or cuddled up with a coffee beside the cat. She also loves to travel, explore new places, go shopping like most women do spend good times with her friends and family.

2 Steps to Discovering Your TRUE HOME in the Lord.

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