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Pilgrimage to Beauty
Leaving the Ashes of Your Past for the Beauty of a New Way
Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are set on pilgrimage.

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"If there was a veil that needed lifting, Karen does it...revealing the deep affection that Jesus has for women. Combining biblical story with her own honest biography, Karen offers a message of hope and dignity to women of all backgrounds."

Brian Buhler

Retired pastor and spiritual director

"Karen’s raw telling of the story is stunning and sticks with you. There is no pretense here, only riveting authenticity. Get ready for the eastside woman in all of us to meet the Catching God, the Spilling God, or the incredible Singing God. This story meets the longing of my heart to know God deeply. I was delighted to feel ignited in my faith and suddenly motivated to accomplish and create with confidence. "

Chara Presley

Author of ‘LOVED.’

"Step into true freedom from thoughts of shame, failure and feeling like you’re not enough when reading Karen Evans’ new book, Pilgrimage to Beauty. Learn how to untie the knots in your heart, as Karen puts it, and receive true, everlasting love of a Heavenly Father who welcomes you just as you are. Leave behind your defenses, your fear and your shame as you take this pilgrimage to true beauty found in discovering Jesus. This book is a must read for all who desire this kind of love and unconditional acceptance."

Krissy Nelson

Author, Speaker and Host
Krissy Nelson Ministries

"Karen relates gritty, raw personal revelations and how God healed the wounds; the self-condemnation, the hopelessness; a woman who used every means to numb her emptiness, her loneliness, her lack of hope. Her scripture references, assigning unique names to God so tenderly in each chapter and the respective supporting biblical connection makes this book a must read for anyone struggling with her identity as a woman walking this broken planet. Ending chapters with personal prayers or prayers for her readers, Karen implores women everywhere to say "Yes" to Jesus and embrace the beautiful life they were meant to live. Fully known. Fully loved by their Creator God."

Theresa Silk

Friend, writer and artist

“Dreams rise up at night, huge monstrous things clawing outwards, screaming for escape. Pointing screams and endless evil dreams. Is this normal? These nightmares of turmoil, dark, yelling chaos. Screeching to get out. I don’t want to go to sleep. I’m afraid of these dreams...” An intriguing teaser to Karen Evans’ book “Pilgrimage to Beauty”. She tells her story of how God rescued her from a lifetime of meaningless existence. Throughout her stories describing her troubled childhood and growing into adulthood, Karen talks about her loneliness, her struggles and desires to want to fit be loved and accepted. Karen poignantly tells how Jesus chased her down for 40 years until He finally “caught her”. She beautifully interweaves her stories with stories of women in the bible and leaves you wanting to hear more from chapter to chapter!

Alison Plumb

Sister-in-Christ, friend and fellow writer

This book is dedicated to the eastside woman because a bit of her exists in us all.
  • Can I save myself?
  • Can I do anything in the realm of lovely or wonderful?
  • Can I do anything of significance whatsoever in this world?
  • Can I be truly kind for even one single day?
  • Not on my own I can’t. I tried, or I thought I tried. Did I really want to live like this forever?

Karen Evans is an author, award-winning photographer, devoted wife, and fur-baby mom. She has a passion for all things written and for The Word, Jesus Christ. She can be found rainforest hiking and seashore strolling with her family and with her camera slung over her shoulder. Karen loves to cook and share delicious food with family and friends. She has travelled extensively throughout the world, and Africa holds a special place in her heart. Karen has written her first book to women with the message of hope, love, and freedom to be found in a relationship with Jesus. Look for a women’s fiction novel and a series of children’s books from Karen in the near future! Karen lives in the small coastal city of Nanaimo located on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada. She shares her island dream with Steve, her husband of 25 years, and their happy, jumpy dog, Ruby.

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