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NEW BOOK FROM Lace mAclean


Journey Into God’s Heart Through His Word

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“Have you ever tried to study the Bible on your own and just didn’t know where to start? Or maybe you’ve had a desire to go deeper in your understanding of the scripture, but need help. Our dear friend, author and editor, Lace MacLean, has felt the calling of God to provide you with tools that do just that. This very comprehensive book will give you secrets that you’ve been missing and that will greatly enhance your understanding of the Word. Lace lays out some very practical helps, while mingling stories and testimonies along the way. Unlike many other books that only scratch the surface, she includes teaching on the importance of Holy Spirit and how He brings revelation and understanding to light. Deeper Depths will enhance your Bible study greatly and cause you to come alive as well!”

Dr. Brian and Candice Simmons

Passion & Fire Ministries

"Lace MacLean takes students and enthusiasts of the Bible on an insightful journey of understanding the emphasis of the Word of God and its proper application. This book is a delightful guide and a must-read textbook full of essential biblical knowledge for anyone desiring to study the Word.”

Dr. Michael Crentsil

“Lace MacLean is a treasure trove of insight. Her work consistently makes me hunger for more of Jesus, and this book does not disappoint. Dive in and journey with her to discover the deeper depths of the Word of God.

Philipa Booyans

Screenplay Writer and Author

Spending time studying and meditating on the Word draws us closer to the very heart of God. Lace MacLean illustrates and highlights how to study the Bible. She gives tools to the reader that guide them while teaching them how to examine the living Word of God. Her explanations and personal stories help us to become more intimate with our Savior God by supplying tips to research the Bible. Deeper Depths will help bring you to deeper levels in your walk with Christ as you dive in and discover new ways to dig for the treasure of revelation found in the Bible.”

Katie Walker

Actress, Author, and Co-Host of Rise Up With Jenny and Katie Tv Show

  • Clearly identify what and who the Word of God encompasses
  • Understand how studying the Word brings you into AN intimate relationship with God
  • Develop various methods to study the Word of God at a deeper level
  • Identify resources to assist you in your studies
  • Unearth a few of God’s precious pearls of revelation hidden within God’s Word

Lace MacLean is a passionate lover of Yeshua and mother to a son of whom she is unabashedly proud. Lace has been teaching discipleship classes for her church, leading home groups, writing her own Bible Studies for over twenty years, and has served in a leadership capacity for a variety of church projects over the years. She participated in Perry Stone’s initial in-person Mentoring Course and received her School of Ministry Audit Certificate from Hope in Life Bible School in 2008. Lace loves the country of Israel, has made four trips to God’s Promised Land, and hopes to return there soon. For over thirty years, Lace has worked in financial services organizations and served as a Chief Administrative Officer for twenty-five of those years. She is also a Christian author, ghost writer, and proofreader. Her desire is to teach others how to develop a more intimate relationship with Yeshua by studying His Word in a deeper, more revelatory approach.

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