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This journal is a great tool to connect with God and His Word and to learn to listen to His voice.

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“I pray you find this devotional to be as life-giving for you as it was for me. I found myself with limitations after being diagnosed with Parkinson’s Disease at an early age; my life changed and so did my body. This devotional helped me embrace how fearfully and wonderfully the Lord made me. Parkinson’s Disease is a journey I walk with daily; however, the Interactive Journal with God teaches me that I do not walk it alone; each page journaled taught me to cling to Ephesians 3:20, and I have made it one of my life verses now. You will find a unique and personal relationship with God as you spend time with Him daily. “Why daily?” you may wonder. Well, the truth is, once you begin to dive into each page of this book, you will want to devote yourself to meeting Him daily. You will find that you are not just meeting Him, but also meeting yourself in the most creative, fun, and meaningful way. Do not worry about what your circumstances say that you are—the Holy Spirit will guide you in this book through His living and true Word and will remind you of who He says that you are. Have fun and journal away, dear reader; a new adventure awaits for you!”

Alcira Zuniga

Fontana Community Assistance Program Coordinator, Water of Life Church

“This journal is a beautiful insight into the relationship that Leigh Ann has with our Heavenly Father. She has such a pure and easy way of approaching the study of scripture that makes opening His word seem so much less intimidating. What a beautiful way to foster an intimate relationship with the One who loves us the most!”

Tammy Anderson

Former Receptionist with Hillside Community Church.

“It has been an honor to know Leigh Ann for almost a decade now. We served together at Water of Life Community Church in Fontana, CA, under Sr. Pastor Dan Carroll for several of these years, and her encouragement and spiritual leadership is something I will always treasure. One of Leigh Ann's first gifts to me back in 2015 was a journal with music notes on it. Inside the front cover, she wrote, 'This journal was made for you to jot down your quiet moments with Him! I pray your giftings multiply and you continue to grow closer to Him.’ As a full-time minister and worship director, this journal immediately became a significant part of my growth and quiet time with God. It was then that I knew Leigh Ann had an intimate walk with the Holy Spirit and that she had a special gift of encouragement in helping others grow closer to God. I am now so thrilled to see her gift multiplied to many others through this interactive journal! Thank you, Leigh Ann, for being a careful listener of the Holy Spirit and for allowing Him to work in and through you. You continue to be a blessing and light to all! Congratulations, I know you have made Papa proud!”

Jennafer Cuevas

Worship Leader, Water of Life Community Church

“I came to know Leigh Ann Pearson as a staff member at Water of Life Community Church where we served together for seven years. When I first got to know LeighAnn, I was struck by the intimacy of her relationship with God. For her, walking with her "Papa" God wasn't a rote exercise or a set of legalistic practices. Rather, her friendship with Jesus is incredibly authentic and informal. We often talk in the church about pursuing a relationship with God, rather than being religious. Those who know LeighAnn know how real her relationship with God is. She is in love with Jesus, and she loves to point others to Him. As a Pastor for over twenty-five years, I am always looking for tools that will help people develop that same kind of intimacy with God. While we want to improve people's knowledge of the Bible, ultimately we want them to develop a real relationship with the Living God. This journal is a great tool to connect with God and His Word and to learn to listen to His voice. Leigh Ann's notes are like getting directions from a local—she has personally experienced the peace, joy, and life that time in God's Word, listening to His voice, can bring. I encourage you to jump into this journal. Invest some time and attention in your relationship with God, and you'll "taste and see that the Lord is good!" (Psalm 34:8)”

Pastor Jon Llera

Director of Off-Site Campuses/Upland Campus Pastor

“Leigh Ann Pearson’s Interactive Journal with God is a practical guideline in how to dig deeper into the Word of God and mine the gems that God has placed there for us. If you have never practiced personalizing scripture, this journal is a wonderful way to start. Through it, you will develop the habits needed to grow in your understanding of God’s Word and most importantly your personal relationship with him.”

John Robinson

Pastor, Gate City Christian Church.

  • Find a unique and personal relationship with God
  • Find a new adventurous way to journal with God
  • Find a new approach to studying the word with God

Leigh Ann is a wife to Steven and mother of two young-adult daughters and a wonderful son-in-law: Brooks and Krista and Kyle. The people she met abroad while on outreach trips to spread the love of Jesus are very dear to her. She has had the blessing of ministering to children, youth, and adults in Mexico (8 times), Kenya (twice), Haiti, Cambodia, and Lebanon. She stays in touch with many of the people she met in each country.

Leigh Ann was born and raised in the South and remains thankful for her Southern Baptist roots and her devout Christian mother who raised her to love and serve Jesus.

These days, when Leigh Ann is writing and serving in her local church in Chubbuck, ID, she is helping others as a Mortgage Loan Processor and enjoying the beautiful scenic views and delightful small-town atmosphere in her community. She and Steven are living their dream with God!

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