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Step into the greatest business partnership you could ever dream of without fearing failure

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“Graced in Business & Favored for Success is a must-read book for any businessman/woman or entrepreneur that truly wants to know where our success and failures come from. I have known for some time that there has been a lot more to my success than me being a good businessman. (I am not that smart.) This book really made me understand where the success has come from. I have always had a heart for God, and after reading this book, I now know what God’s grace and favor is and how it works. Matt takes us on a wondrous storytelling journey to success and throws in a few life lessons also. I will look at my business, employees, and clients with a totally different heart. It will be an amazing journey to greater success and joy in my life. Can’t wait for his next book.”

Terry Kramer

President/CEO Kramer Enterprises Inc.

“It is not often you hear the words “business” and “love” spoken in the same breath, but these words permeate Matt’s book Graced in Business & Favored for Success. Matt is authentic and transparent as he tells his story of simultaneously growing in business and in his relationship with the Lord. You will read how partnering with the Lord brings business success, but, more importantly, Kingdom impact and ministry opportunities. Matt describes his epic adventure of allowing the Holy Spirit to drive and navigate the sometimes parallel, but often divergent, worlds of business and Kingdom activities. It is a story of commitment to love, honesty, empowerment, and generosity. You will be inspired by this story about leaning on, trusting in, and partnering with the Lord in business.”

Brad Swan

Elder at River City Church, Lewiston Idaho,
Retired Certified Public Accountant

“Matthew’s captivating personal and biblical stories lead you through a journey where grace comes alive in powerful ways, and favor paves the way to purpose. Each chapter infused me with hope and expectancy, knowing that God was going to show up—not just in Matthew’s story, but in mine. I began to notice God’s hand and was able to recognize His grace and favor in my own life. Whether you have a business or not, this book is worth the read. The lessons learned on grace and favor in this book are transformational.”

Andrea John

Co-founder and Director of Jesus House Equipping Center

“Graced in Business & Favored for Success is a must read for those who endeavor to tap into that which guides us, inspires us, and channels our spirit and soul. Matt’s special gift often ended up turning the tables on me as his business coach and consistently provided counsel to our Executive Group I was honored to Chair.”

Greg Davison

Chairman/ CEO Advisory Boards Vistage International

In Graced for Business, Favored for Success You’ll:
  • Learn you don’t have to fear failure in business
  • Experience God’s Grace turning mistakes into victories
  • Know you’re never alone and God always has your back

Matt is the blessed husband of Dixie, a wonderful wife, mother, and artist, and he is also a father of nine and grandfather of thirteen (and counting). Though he lost his hands as a young man, he has been a successful construction businessman for over twenty years, has also served in several ministries, and is now working as an author and speaker. Currently, Matt and Dixie are house church pastors in Kalispell, MT. They also serve on several missions boards and love being able to take God’s Kingdom and His blessing wherever they are invited and wherever He leads.

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