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Trusting God with the adventure of your life

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“The process is the product” is a phrase of wisdom and revelation that I have heard many trusted Christian leaders, friends and mentors share. I, too, believe and teach this truth. Often times for many the thought of an unchartered process and journey into a new unknown is intimidating and daunting. However, our Heavenly Father has called each of us, as His sons and daughters, to journey with Him into the fullness of all He has destined for each of us. This message scribed by my friend, Meagan Blessing, brings an anointed awakening and impartation to walk in a surrendered trust and faith. Friends, step into the path, journey and adventure He has mapped out for your life and purpose. He is a good, good Father. Glimpses into His glory and goodness awakens a ”yes” to do as Meagan so beautifully states, “Dare to live purposefully and accept His invitation to trust Him and to live the adventure of your life.”

Rebecca Greenwood

Cofounder, Christian Harvest International

Strategic Prayer Apostolic Network

International Freedom Group

"When you read Meagan Blessing’s book, Going to Extremes - Trusting God with the Adventure of your Life, you will discover valuable nuggets of wisdom and profound insights for life as she candidly shares experiences from her spiritual journey. You will be encouraged, empowered, and refreshed."

Patricia King

Author, Minister, and Media Producer and Host

“As I journeyed through the pages of this book, I was moved by its power to awaken dormant dreams.”

Dr. Brian Simmons

Brian Simmons | Lead Translator, The Passion Translation

Venture into the arena of God’s extraordinary plans for your life.

  • Be guided by a deep and unshakable faith in God
  • Explore uncharted territories with your Creator
  • Embrace the adventure that awaits God’s divine purpose
  • Reignite dormant passions, and instill newfound courage
  • Ignite a fire to seek a deeper, more meaningful connection with God

Meagan Blessing is an author, award-winning artist, speaker, and dreamer. Always up for an adventure, she is inclined toward limitless possibilities and remote places. Her spirituality influences her writing and art, and she invites others to discover the sacred spaces hidden in the stories of their lives. Meagan lives in Alaska with her husband, who is also an artist and musician, and their two miniature schnauzers, who believe in their hearts that they are sled dogs.

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