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GRACE, LAw, & the Cross
Experience the Majesty of Christ on Calvary
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"In the time I have known Paul I have come to see a deep, sincere and committed man of God who loves the Word and Gods people. Paul takes a very difficult sensitive subject that has been very contentious at times because of the lack of understanding concerning Law and Grace. Paul breaks it down and makes it practical and easy to read and understand. In a time where Scripture has been desecrated to fit into contemporary narratives, Paul does an excellent job of bringing a fresh joy and desire to know more. I highly recommend this book and the author "

Clive Pawson

Snr Pastor, Christian Revival Church

"I’ve just finished Chapter 6 and I’m struck by Paul’s persistence and perseverance in faith holding tight to the promise he received many years before realising the end result of receiving from God that which was promised. Through the story of his personal journey he encourages the reader to hold fast to our confession of faith and the word of God through all that life throws at us. Paul then provides us with the tools to equip us to receive for ourselves what God has for us. I love that everything in this chapter and in the book as a whole is heavily dependant on the Word of God so that as I’m reading I’m having to examine my own heart and motives in the light of Scripture. This is a book that can offer a lot to the reader if they are prepared to read it carefully and allow it to lead them to meditation on the Word of God."

Anna Devlin

"My name is Linda Potter. My husband Steve and I have known Paul for 6 years. During that time we have together, with a small group loved, supported and prayed for Paul as he navigated through his journey of faith until he received his promise of land inheritance. It’s been a personal encouragement and joy to have been part of this journey of witnessing God’s faithfulness to Paul. Also during this journey we have been touched by Paul’s passion to write this inspiring and thought provoking book that he has put so much of his heart, focus and effort into. Thank you Paul for bringing to life the Mighty Victory and Conquering Power of the sacrifice of our precious Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ on the Cross. Thank you too for giving us a glimpse into the Majesty Glory and Wonder of The Cross as told through your perception of ‘as told by Jesus’. This really blessed me - I sensed The Lord speaking directly to me and it has inspired me to a deeper reverential worship of our Awesome King of Glory! I thoroughly recommend reading this inspiring book! 22nd June 2021"

Linda Potter

"In this Bible study Paul Rocca reflects on his personal experience of grace as he sees it working within the law and the cross. Aimed at seasoned explorers of God’s ancient wisdom, Paul puts forward his own paradigm as he wrestles with the message behind the message. Just as the revelation of our own convictions are unique to us, Paul pens his discoveries toward a challenging exploration for ponderous percolation and thoughtful dissemination. I commend Paul on following through his convictions with the discipline to author his thoughts and look forward to see his growth in this space."

Rinni Stobbe
  • Receive a deeper understanding of the Old & New Testaments
  • Worship God from a revelation of the wonder of the cross
  • Gain insight to distinguish between grace and legalism
  • Grasp what false grace is

Paul Rocca lives in Perth, Western Australia. He has been to two Bible colleges, and his favorite hobby is Bible study. He also enjoys shooting, go karts, camping, off-grid living, bonfires, and having friends over for parties and barbecues. Paul’s life verses is Isaiah 49:1–3 (NIV): “…Before I was born the Lord called me; from my mother’s womb he has spoken my name. He made my mouth like a sharpened sword, in the shadow of his hand he hid me; he made me into a polished arrow and concealed me in his quiver. He said to me, “You are my servant, Israel, in whom I will display my splendor.”

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