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Dream Again

NEW BOOK FROM Paula Villarreal
Dream Again
Living Life to the Fullest After Infertility
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"Have you ever waited for God to fulfill a promise? Waiting is never easy, but Paula Villarreal will show you from her true story how God came through for her. This is the season for you to Dream Again. I can see this book bringing great encouragement to many people in their painful season of waiting. Paula's emotional journey through infertility will impact you deeply. Disappointment will disappear when you read this book! It is time for you to hope again, to believe again, and to Dream Again!"

Dr Brian Simmons

Passion & Fire Ministries

“I’ve had a front row seat to this incredibly, faith-filled journey. A journey that has led an amazing couple through one of life’s greatest challenges we know as infertility. Through every disappointment and every bad report, I watched Paula hold to every dream and every promise given to her by God. For anyone who has ever dealt with infertility, you know first hand the heart ache and heart break that comes as a result. As you read this beautiful book about hope, listen for every tear drop that fell as Paula writes about her painful experience. However, be encouraged by every word and let your heart be filled with faith, courage and the inspiration to Dream Again!”

Pastor Rose Mary Loya

Cross Church

“This book is truly a work of encouragement by hope and conviction to stand your ground. Through the pain and tears of disappointment in relentless attempts to create life, Paula has accomplished what she set out to accomplish: the creation of life, within her own heart. Paula has learned how to live and passes this beautiful truth to those struggling with the same challenges. This isn’t just a book about overcoming one of life’s greatest of disappointments. This is a story about strength and love in the midst of pursuing the deepest desires of the heart. Reading this book you will discover that life has been lived because faith had not been moved, but thrives.”

T.J. Erisman

Author, Blue Raven Publications

“Paula’s story of living life to her fullest and dreaming again is an authentic and sincere reminder that God has planted dreams inside each and every one of us. These dreams will unfold at God’s appointed time through His unfailing love, direction, and hope.”

Lisa Marie Gonzales
  • Encouragement to live life to the fullest even while in the waiting.
  • Inspiration to dream again and live the purposes of God.
  • Courageous freedom to dream again!

After building a successful career, Paula and her husband wanted dearly to have a child, but seven years of infertility led Paula to specialists to help her reach her dream of becoming a mother. During the in vitro fertilization (IVF) process, Paula experienced many highs and lows, but in what was one of the darkest times in her life, Paula held firmly to her faith in God to move forward. She pressed into His whispers and found the help she need to overcome and dream again despite disappointment.

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