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"This book does a remarkable job in helping to understand the hidden dynamics at work between the members of a growing family. Hearing the first hand perspectives of each member of the family, both parents and children, is uniquely and powerfully insightful. This book will help you establish and maintain healthy, life-giving bonds of love and Christian values that will benefit generations to come. "

Susan Fochler

Pastor at Blazing Fire Church, Dublin CA

"Sarah Breon shows how she was empowered by her faith in Jesus Christ to build a wholesome Christian home. Rather than succumb to generational dysfunction, Sarah and her family confronted the giant head-on. Readers are brought into the family's struggle multi-dimensionally as each family member transparently shares their role, struggles, and healing, on the family's journey to build a healthy, functional family. Sarah shows the readers there is hope for other families and a path out of generational dysfunctionality. This book will inspire you how to take action and start working on healing your home!"

Mike Norton

Founder of M16 Ministry of spiritual warfare and deliverance Pastoral Counselor

"This raw and real open window will give you courage to look honestly at your own heart and your own family dynamics, never to feel shame and cover up, but to journey into your own healing transformation. I sincerely hope every hurting family will have access to this book."

Brent Lokker

Lead Pastor of Blazing Fire Church Dublin, CA

"The power of the testimonies throughout this book will ignite new hope to see restoration in your own family. Sarah's vulnerability is not only courageous, but a weapon against the world's tactics to keep our pain hidden. Once exposed to God's light, healing and restoration are the outcome."

Karena Lout

Pastor of Blazing Fire Church Dublin, CA

"Inviting you to settle into a first row seat, Sarah pulls back the curtain for you to view her family’s nitty gritty story of their healing journey anchored in firsthand accounts by each member of the Breon family. Demystifying the process of healing for genuine loving connections in practical terms, at the end of each chapter she details key concepts and tools that benefited their lives, inviting the reader to start their own journey. As a pastoral counselor, the concepts and tools she describes are a part of my toolkit when helping individuals and families get unstuck from historic drivers of pain and trauma that shape mindsets and behavioral patterns, resulting in ongoing relational disruption and breakdowns. As a personal friend, I can attest to the prayerful pursuit and effort I’ve seen Sarah undertake over the years (not perfectly, with heartbreaking pain and with missteps). Nevertheless, it is paying off in maturing, authentic, grounded relationships of joyful presence between them and with them. Sin, brokenness, and dysfunction is not the last word! Change is possible. This book can help."

Anna Seid

Pastoral CounselorIn the Potter’s Hands Christian Counseling Pleasanton, CA

"This is an intimate look into the lives of a broken family mended through the messy work of grace. Sarah offers a mixture of memoir, Godly wisdom, and research based methods for healing one's past toward ultimate freedom. It is a testimony of God's faithfulness and illustrates His plan for the family."

Lori Decker

School Administrator San Ramon Christian Academy

"Sarah Breon Not only writes with the heart of a mother but with the passion of a warrior. In a culture that desperately needs to understand the value and significance of family, Sarah writes with vulnerable transparency, honesty, practicality and biblical truth that is relevant for today. Every father, mother, pastor and leader needs to read this book. I believe this book not only gives valuable insight but practical tools for the healing of families, especially those on the front lines of ministry."

Jack Shumate

Father, Husband, Author and Pastor

"Sarah Breon has insight into healing and family dynamics that she shares in an honest and thoughtful way. Her storytelling feels personal as if she is speaking directly to you as a close friend. This book touches on multiple stories and perspectives that are beautifully intertwined and share the same purpose - to give readers hope and empower them to go through the journey of healing. This book will help people who are not only looking for resources to support their family’s healing, but are also on their own individual journey, as it gives insight and knowledge into aspects of personal healing that affect all areas of life. Your Family Can Heal is engaging, relatable and applicable at any stage of your healing journey and will become a cherished lifelong resource and beacon of hope. "

Calli Angeline

Social media influencer

This book will help you learn how to:
  • Create a family culture where your kids come to you for help instead of looking to the culture.
  • Develop trust and unconditional love in your family rather than stress, fear, and anxiety.
  • Use mistakes and messes in family life to bring greater connection and love.

I’m Sarah Breon, and I have been where you are, a mother with all the best intentions and information to raise happy and emotionally healthy kids. But when mine reached their teens, I was pained to see that despite my best efforts, they were full of anger, anxiety, and perfectionism. God took me on a journey to discover what needed changing in me so that I could parent from a healed place instead of replicating the way I was parented. I learned how to receive truth for my own heart so I could walk in greater trust and love, creating a culture in my family where my kids could be free to be their best selves. For many years now, I have been helping parents learn how to heal their own hearts so they can parent from a place of love rather than fear. I want to empower you with keys to set your heart free from the pain of your past so you can enjoy the connected and loving relationships with your kids you have longed for. It’s my joy to share what I have learned from the trials and sorrows I experienced in order to bring you tools that will transform your family life from strained and disconnected to healthy and full of joy.

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