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Personally Encounter God as Your Good Father


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About the author

Angie lives to share the Father’s heart. She is a wife, mom, grammy, author, and lifelong explorer of God’s Word. She believes God is a Good Father who is joyfully involved in his people’s lives. Her delight is to inspire others to encounter his love in ways that heal shame and release joy into their everyday lives. Angie believes that God’s love is a strong foundation, and on it can rise cathedrals built of long talks, rowdy laughter, and excellent coffee.

Angie and her husband Scott, an HVAC contractor, are the parents of two adult children and grandparents to three, and they reside in the San Joaquin Valley of California. Angie believes deep conversation and guacamole have the power to heal the world.

About the book

Do we believe Jesus’s prayer shows God’s infinite kindness toward us? 

Or do we dismiss his goodness, diminish his character in an attempt to explain, manage, and predict how he chooses to move?

Jesus’s ancient prayer invites us today to know God as Father and trust his kind intentions toward us. This familiar prayer encourages us to experience his generosity and presence in our life as we become people who touch Heaven and influence Earth. 

DEEPER: A Look Beneath the Surface of the Our Father Prayer of Jesus delivers a fresh look at Matthew 6:9-13. You will discover the rich truths layered beneath Jesus’s simple words as Angela encourages you to: 

  • Encounter God as your Good Father
  • Live with an awareness of God’s Eternal Kingdom
  • Pray risky prayers that lean hard on the promises of Heaven
  • Delight in Jesus’s forgiveness and provision 
  • Recognize the authority bestowed on us through Jesus

DEEPER: A Look Beneath the Surface of the Our Father Prayer of Jesus will invite you to personally experience the Father’s heart and kindness. You will become sensitized to the Holy Spirit’s voice, recognize God’s kind intentions, and cherish the price Jesus paid to make this mysterious relationship between God and humans available.

You are hungry for more, and our Good Father offers greater than your highest prayers, deepest desires, loftiest hopes, and wildest dreams.