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Finding self acceptance and real freedom.


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About the author

A wife and mom of 2 wonderful children as well as a new grandchild, Chara is a passionate about living life freely and loves to encourage those around her. She delights in living spontaneously and has traveled extensively, with a heart for Europe, Africa and the middle east. As a principal and teacher, she enjoyed pioneering a private Christian school for 11 years.
Chara loves to connect with others and help them find confidence and freedom to live in the midst of love and acceptance. You might also find her sanding wood for her next wood project, hosting travellers, or cooking creatively for her husband and friends.

About the book

I thought I knew what it meant to be “in Christ.” He has saved me countless times from despair, fear, anger, hatred, and all kinds of insecurities and doubts. He saved me from myself. He has opened doors, and closed doors. He has directed my steps in ways beyond my imagination at times. He has taught me keys to the kingdom and blown my mind in how he has brought healing to my heart.

I am discovering a secret to freedom: surrendering to the love of God and knowing He is loving me right now. I am caught in the flow of His transforming love, and freedom is the most beautiful word I know because here I am, learning a new perspective on life: as a child loved by my Father.

The Father’s love is unwrapping cords of self-consciousness from my heart. Where I was a prisoner to what everyone else thought of me, God’s love is freeing me to receive value from His view of me. I went from feeling “less than,” to being seen and heard. He is bringing me into His heart where I find safety and belonging. Inviting Him into lonely and insecure places transforms them into jewels called acceptance and confidence. It’s a refreshing way to live.