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About the author

Daniel Maloy pastors West Fork Christian Fellowship Int’l in Cincinnati, Ohio with his wife, Kimberly Maloy, and has been a minister of the gospel since 1997. Seeing the need to reach the youth of America for Christ, he organized and led the Southeast Indiana Youth Coalition for over 10 years, seeking to bring churches and Christians together to reach the youth of the region. He organized youth crusades and other outreaches over the years and saw thousands of teens impacted and hundreds give their lives to Christ. He is an anointed prophetic evangelist and revivalist and has a passion for revival, to see a young generation on fire for God and to see the Church unite to reach the lost and see it restored to its Book of Acts roots.

About the book

Kingdom Shift is a radical call to the Church to shift from the way they have been doing business and unite together to reap a great harvest of souls and transform cities, regions, and nations. It is a call to return to the picture and pattern of the early Church that turned the world upside down. It exposes traps of the enemy and gives clear strategy how to avoid them. It gives a clear picture of kingdom principles that the Church must return to in order to return to a place of relevancy, impact and influence. Kingdom Shift will change and transform your church and life.

  • Learn to identify and avoid the traps of the enemy that divide us.
  • Learn what’s needed to reap a great harvest of souls
  • Learn how to come together in unity and power
  • Learn to build the Kingdom instead of a Kingdom and transform cities.