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Step Forward

Into Your Encounter With the Father Heart of God


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About the author

Ella Legan is a German Poet and writer. She is living as a single with her cat in the Blackforest of Germany. Day by day, she walks with Jesus through the ups and downs of life and the forest. She desires to bring other people into the healing presence of the loving God. With her own desert journey, Ella wants to encourage other weary wanderers to move forward, step-by-step, by God’s Grace, until they see God’s Face. There is help, hope, and always more of God to discover as He takes our wandering hearts through the desert and deeper into His heart.

About the book

Step Forward is your invitation to journey into the Father heart of God. It is part Bible narrative, taken from Moses and the Isrealite’s journey out of slavery to the mountain of God, and part allegory, crafted from beautiful personal encounters into healing and freedom.

This book guides you to your own encounters with the living God. He will lead you through the desert to meet with Him, step-by-step.

In six weeks we will walk together through the desert:

  1. The God who sees you and your suffering will meet you at the thornbush.
  2. The Lord provided a lamb to lead you out of captivity
  3. The Lord, your Healer, is with you in the desert.
  4. The King is coming—prepare yourself to meet the Almighty God.
  5. Stop the dance around your golden calf—God will set you free.
  6. Meet the jealous, loving God at the mountain top.

At the end of your journey, you will be prepared to walk with God into your promised land!