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About the author

GEORGIA SCHMEICHEL’s passion for storytelling comes from a lineage of the world’s best storytellers: mothers to their children. Georgia’s mother inspired her with original stories that were as homemade and inviting as freshly baked bread. Georgia has shared stories with her own three children and eleven grandchildren as well as the many junior and senior high students in her former classrooms during her 33 years of teaching. Now she is thrilled to share them with you through the pages of this book. She and her husband currently enjoy a life full of big-sky sunsets and wide-open spaces on their ranch in North-central South Dakota.

About the book

Three broken women cross paths in search of the love and fulfillment only God can give.

Tanna must make a choice between two men. One is the perfect match, but the other has a hold on her heart. Years after marrying one of them, she doubts her choice. Why can’t or won’t her husband meet her emotional needs like her dad always had for her mom?

Tanna’s widowed mother Sarah searches for something to fill the void left by the absence of a husband who adored her. Why did the God she had faithfully followed and trusted seem so distant and unresponsive?

Siobhan is a troubled teen who can’t find a place to belong. She’s angry at everyone and everything after her dad deserts them and her mom falls apart. Forced to live with her grandparents in the middle of nowhere on a reservation in South Dakota, she presses the limits with everyone who tries to help her.

This is the story of three women on separate journeys, seeking their portion of love and security in life. Everyone and everything fails to satisfy their innermost desires. Their paths intersect and sometimes crash on the way to discovering the one true source for all their needs.