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Coming Home

Find What You Are Really Looking For In The Heart Of God


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About the author

Janene Forlong is an author, speaker and worship leader. She has had diverse work experience over the years, from different media roles in print and television to working as a worship pastor in a couple of churches. She is very passionate about worship and Gods restoration work especially when we are in His presence. Janene self-published her first book,’ Where Fear Rules’ in 2016 and since then she has been facilitating workshops for small groups with a heart to see many people set free from debilitating fear. Janene and her husband Michael Forlong have served as pastors and leaders in three churches for most of their married life. They have two adult children who are also very talented musicians. In the down times you will find Janene at her piano writing songs, tending to her rose bushes or cuddled up with a coffee beside the cat. She also loves to travel, explore new places, go shopping like most women do spend good times with her friends and family.

About the book

My darling mother says every few minutes all day long, “I want to go home.” She knows that something is not right and she is correct. Something most definitely is wrong; she has dementia and she is not at home. Her loving husband passed away in early 2019 and she misses him deeply, he was ‘home’ to her and she wants things to return to normal. When we stop and think about it, we all know that somethings not right in this world. Little things are not right every day, big things haven’t been right for decades. The poor are getting poorer the richer are getting richer. Evil is more wicked and the numbers that are sick and dying are increasing. There are more scams, more scares, more storms and so much more stress. I hear many people saying that they believe there is a God, but they are not sure which one or how to find Him. Since our birth we have known that God exists, we have heard Him speaking to us in our spirits. There is more to life and the bible tells us that God placed a homing signal in our hearts and when we seek Him, we will find Him, he has promised us that.

In this book we will…

  • Take a look at the first home on earth, how perfect it was and what happened to it
  • Learn why we have a subconscious desire for something more and journey we go on to satisfy that desire
  • Look at what ‘home’ really is and how we can find it
  • Meet the father, the creator and owner of this perfect home
  • Discover the price and encounter the one who paid
  • Find out about the generous invitation to a new home, new life and new family

It’s time to answer the questions you have been asking on the inside. It is time to respond to your creators love and compassion, he was been waiting for your to notice how close he really is to you.