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Where is the Missing Puzzle Piece?

Setting the foundation of identity, purpose, and worth in the hearts of children


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About the author

Liz A. Pitman has worked and taught in Christian education for 10 years, where she has found interacting with her students to be such a blessing. Prior to teaching, she graduated from Mississippi College with an English Literature degree and also attended Calvary Chapel Bible College where she grew deeper in her relationship with the Lord. She has a heart for missions and has served several summers volunteering at food banks in Israel. Her first love is Jesus, then her husband and precious son, Joshua. Her desire is to see all the “puzzle pieces” in this world realize their value and purpose as she encourages them to step into their vital, God-given destinies.

About the book

Where Is the Missing Puzzle Piece? is a children’s book that speaks to all ages about
the crucial message of identity, worth, and purpose. As readers journey with the main character, they can personally insert themselves within the story. Pete, the puzzle piece, struggles to fit in and attempts to be like every other puzzle piece in the town.

After trying to be anyone but himself, he feels like a failure. Instead of realizing his unique giftings, he leaves Jigsaw and runs from his purpose. On his route to another town, he meets a kind-hearted boy named Will who sees Pete’s potential and encourages this discouraged puzzle piece to go back and pursue his dreams. In this encounter, an unlikely and incredible friendship begins. Join Pete, the puzzle piece, and his new friend, Will, as they experience the joyful surprise that awaits as Pete returns to the town of Jigsaw and steps into his God-given destiny.

  • Hear how loved you are!
  • Find out who God made you to be!
  • See your important part in God’s story!
  • Step into your special plan!