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Break free from the lies that keep you from your true identity and purpose.


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About the author

Meliza Farndell is a mum, wife, author and speaker. She is proud of her South African roots and is currently residing in the United Kingdom with her husband and two children. She has a great love for building and equipping the church and for discipleship. Her passion is to help women discover their infinite value by seeing themselves through the eyes of their Heavenly Father.

About the book

God loves you. This is such a profound and life-transforming statement, but only when you are able to believe it. Growing up as a first-born child of a pastor, Meliza heard about the love of God every day, but spent most of her life tormented by an internal struggle with depression, rejection and low self-esteem. With every effort to free herself, she became more tangled up in the lies of the enemy. After encountering the heart of the Father, her life changed dramatically.

As she shares her journey with you, you will:

• Discover how the Father really feels about you.
• Learn how to discern and break free from the lies of the enemy.
• Follow simple steps that lead to freedom, your true identity and purpose.

You have a part to play in a much bigger story than the one you are stuck in, right now. As your heart awakens to the love of the Father, it will empower you to become more than you could ever have dreamed or imagined.