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The Present of The Presence

Accepting the invitation of Love!


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About the author

Once an east coast hippie of the ’60s, Peter lived the life of drugs, sex, rock-and-roll, and the occult for twenty years. During this time, he became a professional chef both in kitchens and disaster relief. Peter had a life-changing encounter with Jesus that altered his course forever. Jesus met him and miraculously showed him His love, powerfully proving Himself to Peter by instantaneously delivering him from physical disability, drugs, wine, cigarettes, and ego. This sent Peter into a passion-filled pursuit to know this God of love and find what it means to live fully for Him. This pursuit led him to the Global Celebration of the Supernatural Ministry and to Bulgaria to live and to support Gypsies. At present, he is living in Pennsylvania, writing and ministering from the presence of Jesus. And yes, he still cooks.

About the book

It’s time to receive and enjoy all God has for you!

Let this thoughtful book take you on a journey into the ways and whys of walking in ​The Present of the Presence​ of Jesus. Through this journey of discovery, you will:

– Encounter true communion with God, where ​form​ falls away and ​fire​ becomes your new normal.
– Find where you are in God’s mind and heart–from the very beginning of time, now, and forevermore.
– Learn how seeking and receiving God’s presence brings you out of all striving and performance into sweet trust and lasting peace.

God put so much care, thought, planning, and ​sacrifice​ into providing ​The Present of the Presence​ just for you through Jesus! Don’t wait another moment to receive the love and acceptance that is yours in Him. From that place, you will truly live the abundant life for which you were created.