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The Other Side of Grief



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About the author

Tamara served in the United States Navy from 1982-87. Upon separation from the military, she threw her hat in the business world and very quickly became an Advanced Director for The Pampered Chef for seven years. She later opened a restaurant, during which time she attended Le Cordon Bleu, graduating Magna Cum Laude as a Certified Executive Chef. Additionally, travels have taken Tamara from Kenya and Nairobi to Uganda and South Africa, as well as numerous domestic destinations where she helps to educate various groups of men and women, empowering them to become stronger leaders. Tamara currently resides in South Carolina with her husband, Alan. They have been married thirty-five years and are blessed with seven children and five (and counting!) grandchildren.

About the book

This book is the journey of a parent who has paid a price to have the greatest of intimacy found only within the Heart of God. That beautiful connection truly is on ​The Other Side of Grief, ​and this powerful, heart-level, and raw story of walking through loss will help you navigate the waters of grief as you, too, find Your Personal Guide, God Himself.

This book contains miraculous stories of getting to know God through hard times. You will discover:

  • The Cost of Intimacy
  • The Love Story of You and God
  • It’s Not Just About The Outcome, But The Journey
  • The Two Sides to Every Story That Bring
  • Powerful Perspective to Your Pain

Is it really that simple? Life is an incomparable mix of beautiful high points as well as deep points of pain…​yet Jesus is always there​. We are in such need of Him, and He is available and so near, even in life’s dark valleys. This book is about the Greatest Love Affair of your life–you are wanted and pursued by God! Take His hand, let Him walk you over to the other side of your grief, and find out how you can walk with Him in even deeper friendship.